Vinyl Railing Gate Installation

Please read instructions thoroughly before beginning the deck and porch gate installation.

During installation, place gate components on a non-abrasive surface to avoid scratching (grass, drop cloth or cardboard).

Assemble gate components without using excessive force to avoid damage.

Make sure all gate components are included.

Our deck and railing gates are one of the best systems on the market. The gate kit is one of the easiest to install and very few tools are required. Our gates ensure a square gate and will help eliminate gate warping or sagging in the future.

  Vinyl Gate for Porch Deck and Railing
Gate Kit Includes:
1. One Pack of Screws
2. Balusters/Spindles
3. Top and Bottom Rails (holes for balusters)
4. Side Rails
5. Gate Caps
6. Installation Instructions

Screws for Vinyl Railing Gate Kit
Each Gate Kit includes a bag of screws to secure rails together. There will be extra screws - it never hurts to have a few extra for replacements or just in case you loose a few.

Gate Kit
1. Insert the balusters into the top and bottom rails. The top and bottom rails are the exact same and will have holes for the balusters.

2. Insert the top and bottom rails into the side rails. The side rails will have a cap at the top.

3. The gate should be fully assembled and the only parts left should be the screws.

Last Step for Gate Installation
The screws are self-drilling and are easy to install. Do not over tighten screws!! It is best if a drill is used to install the screws. Right before the screws are tight back off with the drill and finish with a screw driver. This will prevent the screws from stripping. The screw location is shown above in the red circle. This will allow the screw to go through the side rails and through the top/bottom rails to allow a secure square gate. Once screws are installed you can install screw caps.

Gate Hardware: If possible it is best to install the gate hardware on the rails so the screws are installed through the top/bottom and side rails. This provides a secure and stronger installation.

Please call or email with any questions.