12 inch Faux Stone Pillar

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12" Faux Stone Pillar

The rich look of laid-up rock has existed for centuries and stands for solid endurance. Our pre-formed pillars provides all that real stone or brick provide yet is more resistant to weather, simple to install, costs less, and is easier to maintain. Made of MDPE, our pre-formed pillars provides the same rich look of stone and will give many years of service and beauty.

Meticulous hand finishing has created a finish so real that it is difficult to tell the difference.

All pillars are 12" x 12" x 64" tall and can be buried for shorter applications. Approximate weight is 24 lbs.

Can be ordered with or without a mailbox. Mailbox available in black only.

Post is available in three colors: Gray, Calico and Tan.

Gray Calico Brown
Faux Stone Pillar Gray Faux Stone Pillar Calico Faux Stone Pillar Brown

Pillar Dimension
Post Riser Dimension Faux Stone Pillar with Vinyl Privacy Fence
Stone Pillar with 6 Foot High Privacy Fence
Calico Faux Stone Pillar with Ornamental Fence
Faux Stone Pillar with Ornamental Fence
Stone Pillar with Ranch Rail Fence
Faux Stone Pillar with Ranch Rail Fence

Faux Stone Pillar with Gate Entrance
Stone Pillars with Gate Entrance
Stone Pillar with Mailbox
Stone Pillar with Mailbox
Bottom on Pillar
Bottom of Stone Pillar

Stone Pillar with Ranch Rail Fence
Stone Pillar with 3 Rail Ranch Fence
Faux Stone Pillar

12" x 12" x 64" Faux Stone Pillar
Installation Instructions

Our Faux Stone Pillars are designed to enhance existing fences and new installations. Pillars are 12" x 12" x 64" tall and can be buried for shorter applications. When setting elevation, it is important to establish the height by the finished concrete elevation in the initial hole. The Pillar is slid over the pre-installed 4x4 or 5x5 post and secured into place by putting additional concrete or gravel inside the Pillar. For corner posts, gate post, mail box, or signs, the entire Pillar may be filled with concrete. Cutting the Pillar for vinyl, split rail, log, etc. is simple!! By using a hole saw, router, or jigsaw, holes can be cut through the 1/4" wall to receive any configuration. The simulated concrete cap is removable and is designed to accept different lighting applications.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

A lot less expensive than real rock and it still looks good.

Review by Jill on 2/16/2021

I was real impressed when I received my faux rock pillars. My husband and I installed them in a few hours. They look real nice and my neighbors thought they were real. Sturdy, durable, attractive and less expensive than real rock.

Can't tell the difference

Review by Jean on 2/10/2021

I was impressed how real these pillars look. They were also very easy to install. I had them installed in one day. I plan on buying more.

They look so real

Review by Paul B on 1/18/2021

I installed these pillars a long the street in front of my house. Once in a while we get people knocking on our door asking where we got these from. The price is so much less expensive than real stone or brick. They were easy to install.

Faux Stone Pillars

Review by Diane on 1/12/2021

We are very pleased with the pillars and can’t believe how close they come to looking like real rock. Our iron fence builder was also very impressed with them and how easily they were to install. I gave him your contact information and website so he could get in touch with you. An AAAAA+++++++ is our opinion of the pillars. Diane

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