Vinyl Railing Foot Block 2

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Our Vinyl Railing Foot Block 2 is intended to be installed under railing sections to help prevent railing from sagging. This foot block can be installed during your deck or porch railing installation as well for existing installations. If your railing has been installed for a period of time and your railing is starting to sag, this foot block is fast and easy to install.

Two-piece unit with a self-drilling screw.

Size: 1-3/8 inches square, adjustable from 2 to 4 inches in height

Color: White

Rail Foot Installation Instructions:
1. Confirm with your local building code for any regulations that may affect your installation.
2. Measure from the deck surface to the desired position of the bottom rail.
3. Insert the rail foot bracket into the extrusion (Ex 1).
4. Cut the 1-3/8" rail foot assembly to the measured length.
5. Slide the assembled rail foot under the bottom rail and attach with the included screw (Ex 2).

Foot Block

Railing Foot Block

Foot Block for Railing

Foot Block for Sagging Decks

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Easy Foot Block to install

Review by Ryan on 2/5/2021

This little piece saved my sagging railing. Easy to install with existing railing system. Didn't have to take anything apart.

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