Vinyl Railing Kit - 42 X 96

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42" H x 96" Long - Vinyl Railing System

Colonial Tan Railing System

White and Tan

Length: 8 feet long (see other pages for 4' and 6' long sections)

Height: 42 inches (see other pages for 36" high sections)

Level Railing Kit Length: 8' long

Stair Railing Kit Length (29 to 35 degree angles): 8' long

Baluster / Spindle Options: Square, Colonial

Railing Kits Contents:
  • Top Rail Reinforced with Aluminum (Standard or T-Rail)
  • Bottom Rail
  • Heavy Duty 1-1/2 inch Balusters
  • Decorative Foot Block to help prevent from sagging over time (included with level railing kits 6' and 8' lengths
  • 4 Railing Brackets with included mounting hardware (Stainless Steel Screws)

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Top Rail is Reinforced with Aluminum - will not rust like steel
  • Our balusters are spaced closer than most competitors - our railing system usually has more balusters per section
  • Two piece bracket system to hide the stainless steel fasteners - clean looking installation
  • Limited Life-time Warranty
  • A decorative foot block is included in level railing systems - 6' and 8' long sections. This helps prevent sagging over time
  • Railing systems have UV inhibitors to prevent from turning yellow over time
  • PVC material has impact modifiers for long term durability and added strength
  • Our balusters are 1-1/2 inches square and have thick walls for added strength and safety features
  • Low maintenance - never needs painting
  • Easy installation
  • Free technical assistance during installation
Vinyl Railing Systems
Vinyl Railing Display
Gate Kit is shown on the left with Colonial Balusters - latch and black hinges (white is also available).
Two square post sleeves on the left and right. Colonial Newel Post in the middle.
Post Skirts on bottom of the three posts. Foot block on the bottom of the display railing.
Four baluster styles - from left to right - Colonial Baluster, Classic Baluster, Twist Baluster, Square Baluster.

Standard Vinyl Rail
Standard Rail
(Top or Bottom Rail)
2" Wide x 3-1/2" High

(Top Rail Only)
Bottom portion is 2" wide.
Overall T-Rail is 3-1/2" High

Standard Rail with Bracket
Standard Bracket

T-Rail Bracket with TRail
T-Rail Bracket

Two Piece Railing Bracket
2 Piece Bracket
Stainless steel fasteners attach to the post and the rail for added strength and safety. Four screws attach the bracket to the post and two screws attach the rail to the bracket. Four brackets are included with each railing kit. Includes stainless steel fasteners.

Aluminum P Channel for Railing Systems
Aluminum P Channel used in Top Rail

Foot Block for Railing Systems
Foot Block


If you are not completely satisfied with your vinyl railing materials, contact us to request a RMA. Once
material are received back in our possession you will be given a complete refund less freight charges incurred by us. Contact us for further details.

Note: Any construction or use of the product must be in accordance with all local zoning and/or building codes. For example, most swimming pool fences require self closing hinges and a gate that can be locked. Height and picket spacing requirements may vary. Also some areas may require a permit before installation may begin. The consumer assumes all risks and liability associated with the construction or use of this product. The consumer or contractor should take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project, including, but not limited to, wearing the appropriate safety equipment. Except as contained in the written limited warranty. Your Fence Store, LLC, does not provide any other warranty, either express or implied, and shall not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages.
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