90 Open Mesh Windscreen

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90 Open Mesh Wind and Privacy Screen

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Perfect for Golf Courses, Baseball Fields or Tennis Courts

Length: 50 Feet Long

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Percent Shade: 90%

Construction: Woven - Open Mesh

Fabrication: 4 Ply reinforced double-stitched hem with #2 brass grommets 24" on center on all four sides (7' 8" has Mid Row Grommets 24" On Center for added Protection

Added Longevity: UV Inhibitors for added sun protection

Cable Ties: Included to secure wind privacy screening to the chain link fence - no extra charge

Colors: Dark Green

90 Open Mesh Wind and Privacy Screen
Dark Green
The 90 open mesh semi privacy wind screening is a perfect choice for residential, commercial or industrial sites. The 90 open mesh semi privacy screen is a polypropylene oil based material to help avoid mold and mildew. This is a great choice which provides 90% shade. Only the finest materials are used. Available in two different heights and two different colors.

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