Safety Top Cap Lite Fence Topper

Price: $139.95
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Provides protection against bodily injury on top of Chain Link Fences

Fence Topper - Safety Top Cap Lite covers exposed knuckles or barbs on top of a chain link fence. Increases visibility of the fence for players while at the same time acting as a decorative top piece to enhance any chain link fence. Very affordable and easy to install. Great for baseball fields for the top of chain link fences. Great for spectators providing an easy way to see the baseball outfield boundary. 

Design: Durable and flexible plastic in an open tubular teardrop shape.

Coverage: 12 pieces per bag. Each piece is 7 feet long. Total of 84 linear feet per bag. Zip ties included for securing safety top cap lite to the top of the chain link fence.

Dimensions: 4 inches high x 2-1/2" wide.

Security: Resist vandalism by using the included zip ties to easily attach the Safety Top Cap Lite to the fence.

Material: Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), color pigments and ultra violet (UV) inhibitors, specifically designed to reduce the harmful effects of the sun and increase the life of the product. Minimum Temperature: (-76 F) Polyethylene stays flexible even at temperature extreme. Maximum Temperature: (250 F) Polyethylene does not distort reaching this temperature. Tensile Strength: (4,000 psi). Material will not suffer distortion at lesser loads or impacts.

Durability: Designed to endure high impact, resist the harmful effects of the sun, and to withstand severe weather conditions such as salt water, sand, road dirt and most environmental pollutants.

Limited Warranty: Has a long 25-year, pro-rata manufacturer’s warranty against breakage under normal conditions.

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